Preston Capes Village Committee Minutes

Minutes of the meeting held on Friday 13th August

Preston Capes Village Hall Management Committee


Friday 13th August, 2021 at 6.00 pm

No formal agenda for meeting

Present:        Andrew Bracher; Mike Delacoe; Rachel Hale; Rachel Bracher

Apologies for Absence

Peter Bull

Cook Out – Planned for 21st August, 2021

A discussion was held to decide whether or not it was feasible to continue with plans for the Cook Out on 21st August.  The event was in question as there was currently no BBQ or spit available for cooking and the new garden was as yet unfinished.

Alternative options were considered, for example asking Woodhouse Toad or residents with BBQs to come forward.  The consensus following discussion was that we would need to cancel or suspend the event until a future date – all were in favour.

Garden Update

Rachel B reported that James Plant from Crown Building and Carpentry had expressed an interest in taking over the work to construct the Village Hall garden and would be available at short notice – possibly to start work in the next two or three weeks.  Rachel B agreed to ask James for a quote.

Cleaning Schedule

Rachel B and Rachel H have been cleaning the hall in advance of the Friday Bar and identified a need to help to clean the hall on a regular basis.  Rachel B agreed to approach Pauline Clarke who had previously offered to help with the cleaning.

Toilet Refurbishment

Mike D will ask Alf for a quote to refurbish the Ladies and Gents toilet facilities.

Kitchen Facilities

Rachel H identified a need for a new fridge in the kitchen as the current fridge is in a very poor and dirty condition.

Cigarette Butt Bin

Rachel H and Rachel B identified the need for a new cigarette butt bin as the current one is in a dilapidated and rusty condition.  It was agreed that a new bin could be sourced.  The location of the bin was discussed and it was agreed that the bin would be removed to the side of the building near the defibrillator.

Lockable Cupboards

Rachel H identified a need for lockable cupboards in the kitchen and bar areas for the storage of valuable stock.  Following discussion it was agreed that regular stocktakes would be carried out to identify any future need.

Hall Rental Payments

Andrew B reported that Fawsley have not paid for the hire of the hall following their last meeting.

Rachel B agreed to chase up the payment.

Personal Licence and Food Hygiene Certificate

Rachel B reported that she had passed the Level 2 Personal Licence qualification and would be applying for her Personal Licence.

Rachel H expressed an interest in obtaining the Food Hygiene Certificate which was appreciated and agreed.

Publication of Agendas and Minutes

Following a recent request for access to Village Hall Minutes Rachel B raised the question of the publication of Agendas and Minutes on the Village Hall website, managed by David Wilkinson.  It was commented that the website is a rather clumsy form of communication and Rachel B agreed to approach David to discuss possible changes.

Forthcoming Event – Debbie Cox

Rachel B reported that Debbie Cox had booked the hall on 25th September for a fashion show and sale and had asked if a Village Hall bar could be provided, perhaps serving a cocktail.

A discussion was held regarding how to charge, or not, for the event and/or the provision of a bar; and whether or not a Village Hall Bar could be provided free of charge to Debbie but with attendees buying their drinks from the hall stock.

The decision reached was that as it was a business based event where Debbie would be selling clothes then an evening booking charge would be payable and a bar could be provided – if someone was available to work at the bar.  Rachel B agreed to review the charge and inform the meeting.

Mike D reminded the meeting that the occupancy limit for the hall, for fire safety reasons, is 50 persons.

No date was set for the next meeting

The meeting concluded at 7.15pm