Village History

The Village Name

The parish of Preston Capes includes two villages, Preston Capes and Little Preston. In the past Preston Capes has been known as Great Preston, West Preston or Preston on the Hill, whilst Little Preston has been known as Preston Parva or Wood Preston. Preston Capes is built on the Oxford Lane, an ancient trackway which approaches from Newnham and continues southwards until it becomes an unmetalled track when it enters Canons Ashby parish.

The name Preston Capes is derived partly from Preosta-tun (Anglo-Saxon for the priests enclosure) and partly from a French family name which was added when Hugh de Capes held the Hundred of Fawsley in the early 13th century. Perhaps the reference to the priests enclosure relates directly to the cluniac priory which was founded in the village in 1090?

More can be found regarding the name of the village and places within the village by reading the transcript of the 1932 Northamptonshire Place Name Survey.

Mrs H Gardner – Local Historian

In July 1989 Mrs H Gardner completed her compilation of village history, which was printed with copies for sale in the Church. Her work, is taken in part from previous documentation compiled by Adrian Stamford, and part from her own research. We would like to thank Mrs Gardner for her permission to use her work.