100 Club

The first draw of 2020 100 Club will be at the Sunday bar this month. If you have reserved your numbers but not paid or would like to purchase tickets you still can. we now accept card payments

A one-off payment of £12 buys you one number which will be entered into each of twelve monthly draws (drawn on the first Sunday of each month, starting in January of each year) – you can, of course, buy more than one number!

Each month there are three prizes – a first prize of £25, second prize of £15 and third prize of £10.

Tickets are available from rachel.a.bracher@gmail.com or at any event

We also support the Daventry district Council Local lotto. You could win between £5 and £25,000 and support the village hall at the same time. To find out more and  buy a ticket for £1 per entry go to local-lotto.co.uk and look for Preston Capes in the Village Hall category