Over the past few hundred years, many thousands of people have lived in Preston Capes, and this web site is a regular stopping off point for people researching their family tree or are otherwise interested in their ancestry.

This part of the web site is a searchable database of all known residents of the village, dating from around 1150 up until the end of the twentieth century and contains details on around 6000 individuals.

Search the Preston Capes Genealogy Database

Having found relatives who lived here in the past, I’m regularly asked by researchers if we know where the graves are in the churchyard. We have been given a plan of known graves relating to the database. View grave plan. Entries in the database with grave plot numbers against them refer to the numbered graves on this map.

Most of the data has been provided by Phil Harris, who has put a huge amount of effort in researching the village and its history. We have attempted to convert his text documents into a form suitable for storing in a database, so that they could then be searched by people looking for particular individuals or families. This is the result.


The dates given in square brackets [ ] are the best known for the persons entry to and exit from the parish, with further information of their life if known. Female residents are listed under the surname that they originally entered the parish.

To enable ease of identification, all house names are those currently in use.

It should be noted that all years are stated as written in the church registers and as such, prior to 1752, the new year commenced on 25th March, hence (say) 14th Feb 1746 is later in the year than 16th Sep 1746 .


Once again, we would like to express my gratitude to Phil Harris for generously providing the data used here.