Parish Council


Clerk to the Parish Council (Usually available on Wednesdays)

Sharon Foster, 1 London Road, Daventry NN11 4DA

Tel: 310245,



Members as of April 2017:

Dixie Hughes, (Chairman) (Highways) 5 Church Way, Preston Capes, NN11 3TE;

Tel: 360905; Email


Bill Dearns, (Vice-Chairman) Appletree Cottage, Little Preston, NN11 3TF;

Tel: 361277; Email


Deborah Jones, The Bank, High Street, Preston Capes, NN113TB;

Tel: 361035; Email


Sophia Maddison, Ladycroft, Little Preston, NN11 3TF;

Tel: 361545; Email


David Cox, (Tree Warden) Falcon Cottage, Old Forge Lane, Preston Capes, NN11 3TD;

Tel: 361514; Email


Sylvia Delacoe, (VAS Sign) 4 Charwelton Road, Preston Capes, NN11 3TA;

Tel: 360945; Email


Rosemary Mansfield, Castle Hill, High Street, Preston Capes, NN11 3TB;

Tel 07714 205234; Email None