NCC Annual Surface Dressing programme

Northamptonshire Highways will shortly be starting the annual surface dressing season. As the weather starts to improve we are starting the spring phase of our extensive preventative highways repair programme.

We are writing to let you know that the location in the subject line is part of the Preventative Maintenance Programme for 2017-18.  Residents in the vicinity will be informed by letter nearer the time. Advance warning signs will also be installed.

Surface dressing is recognised as a cost-effective way of preserving and extending the life of highways. This prevents the disintegration of the road surface and seals the surface of the road against water to protect its structure from damage.

The first phase of these works is to carry out pre patching which will improve the structure/strength of the carriageway, removing any weak spots. The second phase will be the Surface Dressing itself. This process will considerably increase the lifespan of the road and improve skid resistance.

These works may require the use of a temporary road closure to maintain the Health and Safety of both the public and our workforce.  When programming works we consider the impact on all road users and plan our works to minimise disruption. We do understand that the closure will be inconvenient but hope this can be tolerated for the duration of the works, as this scheme will significantly improve this route. Our teams will be on site to assist people and access will be maintained, although there may be some short delays.

Our surface dressing works are expected to commence this April, and continue throughout May. Information signs will be installed at least 10 days in advance of works, at either end of the site, to provide detail on dates and times.

Surface dressing is dependent on fine weather and, as such, the programme of works is liable to change. Any changes and updates will be provided as the overall programme progresses.

Martin Smith, Structural Maintenance

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